Postdoc/Student Opportunities

Interdisciplinary Summer Research Course: “New Approaches to Morphogenesis: Live Imaging and Quantitative Modeling"

July 22-August 24, 2013, at University of California, Santa Barbara, in collaboration with the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics.

This interdisciplinary course is aimed at postdocs and advanced graduate students with physical, mathematical or life science backgrounds. More info.

Summer Research for Undergrads

Eight-week program at Carnegie Mellon University sponsored by LearnLab, a Science of Learning Center funded by the National Science Foundation. Applications due Feb. 15, 2013. More info

Do you want to organize a one-day local scientific meeting? ASCB will help fund you! More info

"As a graduate student, I received ASCB funds to organize a scientific meeting. It was the opportunity I needed in my career to challenge myself in areas of leadership, communication, organization, and science."

- Danielle Shepherd, West Virginia
  University Graduate Student


Legislative Alert

ASCB calls on leaders to continue budget talks

ASCB calls on Congressional leaders, President to continue budget talks and fight for NIH and NSF.

To read letters, click here.


Current Featured Articles in LSE


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ASCB Member Benefit

One-on-One CV Review

Need some help with a cover letter, CV, resume, statement on teaching philosophy, or other document for the next step in your career? Members of the ASCB, including from industry, are willing to help. Just fill out a short form, and we’ll put you in touch with the right reviewer. Then the two of you can decide which digital collaboration tool to use (email, Google docs, Skype, Wikispaces, etc.)

"I used ASCB's CV review…and got the job! Try it!”
Jeffrey Mason, University of Pennsylvania

Apply here for review.


MBoC Publishes Special Issue

A new special issue of Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) celebrates its first 20 years as the ASCB's science journal and focuses on the 2012 ASCB Annual Meeting. The November 1 issue includes essays by six recipients of 2012 ASCB Awards. In addition, a selection of Perspectives will address the two Thread topics that are woven through this year’s Annual Meeting.

Perspectives by David Botstein and by Peter K. Sorger and Birgit Schoeberl pertain to the Cell Biology and Medicine Thread.

Perspectives by Margaret L. Gardel and by Douglas N. Robinson and Pablo A. Inglesias pertain to the Thread on The Intersection of Cell Biology and the Physical Sciences.

An additional Perspective by Tom Pollard traces the history of ASCB’s political advocacy.


The Cell: An Image Library™

 The Cell: An Image Library

CIL: 42101

Description: Patient-derived glioma stem cells treated with a PLK1 (serine/threonine-protein kinase) inhibitor and stained for nuclei (blue)... (Read more) 

Visit The Cell: An Image Library and learn how to submit your images.


Job Opportunity at ASCB National Office: Science Writer/Program Coordinator

ASCB is looking for an early-career scientist with a solid grounding in experimental biology, a passion for communicating the importance of basic research, a talent for writing well, accurately, and vividly. The candidate should have a strong interest in liaising with young scientists, creatively thinking of initiatives for engaging these important constituents in ASCB’s activities.

View the job position


"Live from the ASCB"

"Cell Biology 2012," the Public Information Committee's guide for journalists at the Annual Meeting, features our "Novel & Newsworthy" top picks. Catch the latest science news from San Francisco and link to videos of the scientists in the press book. Download individual stories or the whole press book.

View Pressbook now

"Don't go dissing my cell!"

See all the winners of 2012 Elevator Speech Contest

Repurposing 'Cell Biology 2012' for your classroom

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New Jobs Posted

  • Cancer Cell Bio Research Fellow, Mayo Clinic
  • Postdoc, Biomed Eng, University of Cincinnati
  • Tenure-track, Cell Signaling, Wright State Univ
  • Tenure-track Investigator, NIDCD/NIH
  • Postdoc, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  • Postdoc, Duke University
  • Asst/Assoc Prof, Hunter James Kelly Research Inst

See more jobs and learn more about these

Discount! ASCB members posting jobs receive a 50% discount.


Career Webinars

Four outstanding career webinars (and companion articles) presented in Fall 2012 are now available online for ASCB members.

"I always wondered, how should I introduce myself when I meet somebody? How should I approach someone for an informational interview? I got a clear understanding through ASCB’s webinar, Network Yourself to a Great Career."

- Nachiket Dharker, PhD

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Treatment for “Untreatable” Progeria Has Roots in Untargeted Cell Biology Research

Lindsay, age 18 months, suffering from HGPS. Photo courtesy of the Progeria Research Foundation.

ASCB posts background on basic biology discoveries behind Boston Children’s clinical trial reporting significant slowing of rare rapid aging disorder in children.

View press release and background info on progeria


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iBioSeminars: Full-length seminars from leading scientists

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iBioMagazine Issue 9: Diversity in Science

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