ASCB Contact Information

Address and Phone Number

The American Society for Cell Biology
8120 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 750
Bethesda, MD 20814-2762, USA
Phone: (301) 347-9300
Fax: (301) 347-9310

Committee and Employee Contact Information

1 Abstract Questions and Information Abstracts
2 General ASCB Information General ASCB Information
3 Career Information Career Information
4 CBE-Life Sciences Education CBE-Life Sciences Education
5 Minorities Affairs Minorities Affairs
6 Education Committee Education Committee
7 International Affairs (IAC) International Affairs (IAC)
8 Molecular Biology of the Cell Molecular Biology of the Cell
9 Postdoc/Student Information Postdoc/Student Information
10 President of the ASCB President of the ASCB
11 Program Information Program Information
12 Women in Cell Biology Women in Cell Biology
13 CLC - Congressional Liaison Committee CLC - Congressional Liaison Committee
14 Trina Armstrong Director of Meetings
15 Eric Baker Journal Production Manager
16 Justin Brantley IT Support Specialist
17 Stefano Bertuzzi ASCB Executive Director
18 Johnny Chang Production Manager
19 Thea Clarke Director of Communications and Education (Education Committee)
20 Laurence Clement iBiology Associate Director of International Programs and Educational Outreach
21 John Fleischman Science Writer and Public Information Liason (Public Information Committee)
22 Cynthia Godes Senior Director, Finance and Administration (Finance and Audit Committee)
23 Sarah Goodwin Director of iBiology
24 Ruby Groves Web Developer
25 Alison Harris Meeting and Abstract Manager
26 Katherine Hempel Membership Manager (Membership Committee)
27 Pius Kabiritsi Accounting Assistant
28 Cheryl Lehr Executive Assistant WICB / Office Manager
29 Mark Leader Director of Publications
30 Lynn Marquis Coalition for the Life Sciences, National Director
31 Deborah McCall Senior Manager, Minorities Affairs
32 Michael McCormack Director of Information Technology
33 Edward Newman Director of Exhibits and Sales
34 Stella Salzer Science Policy and Outreach Coordinator
35 Kate Thomasson Controller
36 Kevin Wilson Director of Public Policy (Public Policy Committee)
37 Armand Davila Web Developer
38 Christina Szalinski Science Writer/Program Coordinator
39 Kelly McManus
40 Martin Koslof